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tv   Action News  ABC  February 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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heavy snow squals with high wind are hitting our area, we will have the latest forecast up next. swirling snow, and whipping wind are making for a tough commute tonight across parts of our area. thinks one of many snow squals
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which moved through and many people who spent this evening in the thick of it. saturday night i'm walter perez and the big story tonight on "action news" is a night of wick weather bearing down on our area the snow is still falling in our area but this system brings with it bigger problems. the wind and cold makes being outdoors down right dangerous. we have live team coverage "action news" reporter kenneth moton joins us live outside 30th street station but we will begin with meteorologist melissa magee who has been tracking this system and has the very latest melissa. >> we have been dealing with the snow showers all will day and snow squals moved in earlier tonight. so you can see on storm tracker six live double scan radar we have activity to the north and west of that i-95 corridor and some snow showers moving off the coast there in ocean county but we will go in tied's along that i-95 corridor. you cannot see in chester county there in chad forward we are dealing with lavender an intensity of snowfall. we have reports of thunder snow with this arctic bound
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dry moving on through. for the most part the snow showers are starting to come to an end but the wind are definitely starting to pick up in its wake. the visibility is a concern which is improved. we are up to 7 miles in philadelphia but till down to 1.3 in reading. down to two in lancaster. dangerous white out conditions if you are driving on the road down to a half mile in trenton and mercer county. check out current wind gusts, gusting as high as 33 miles an hour in philadelphia, and a gust up to 43 miles an hour in wilmington. the gust as long the coast from 20 miles april hour in beach haven and 39 miles an hour in wildwood. they will will go even higher as we go throughout the overnight hours and in the second half of our weekend. so weather-wise, that winter weather advisory is still up. when thinks all said and done we are calling for one to 3 inches of snow. the bigger story will be high wind warning as we can find gusts tomorrow anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour, and then after that a wind chill advisory as we will be tracking wind chills as low as
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15 to 20 degrees below zero. coming up we will look closer at what we can expect throughout our holiday weekend with the accu weather seven day. >> thanks, melissa. we will head to "action news" reporter kenneth moton live at 30th street station checking out on the frosty scene in that area tonight kenneth? >> reporter: walter, we are getting another blast of snowfall right now, and we're dealing with the high wind, melissa just mentioned take a live look right now at that 76, 676 interchange, drivers were forced to drop those speeds on the schuylkill expressway tonight when those white out conditions started hundreds of crews are out and about right now trying to keep these road as clear as possible. center city philadelphia was definitely for lovers, that chill was in the air but valentines night appeared to keep people in warm spirits. >> let me just enjoy the night, yeah been a great night and we will just hang out downtown. >> we will be fine. we will get through it. this is what happens every
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year right. >> reporter: at love park it was all about the couples, so many from out of town, not letting that saturday night snow squall impact their plans. >> they have a nice hotel room, in center city. we don't have have to go anywhere. we have brought our boots. we will be fine. >> we got to walk down broad street. it was really beautiful. dilworth plaza is happening. the the ice skating stuff. it was really cool. you know, the place to be. >> reporter: around 8:00 p.m. that snow and deteriorating conditions moved in and brought that low vice very built for drivers as promised. >> not very good. not very good. definitely the snow flakes yes, i cannot say. >> just slow down. it is not just your life but everybody elses life on the roads. i wish people would follow the driver's manual. >> reporter: departments of the transportation in the tri-state including penndot had trucks on the major roadways salting and preparing to plow where needed. challenge for crews during the squalls keeping the roads clear battling strong wind and drifting snow. the the work will continue
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into sunday when temperatures will drop drastically. >> it is what it is it is winter, cold. >> she has to work tomorrow i'm sleeping in. happy valentines day. >> thanks. >> reporter: happy valentines day, indeed. this is a live look at peco building, the electricity provider has accurated emergency activation center to mobilize crews for power outages. they are expect to bring down tree limbs which could take out power lines. this is a live look at the the sky line that you can barely see right the new because of the the blast of snowfall we are getting right now. it was intense an hour and a half ago and just pick up, once again these wind are very strong, 50 to 55 miles an hour wind we are expecting throughout overnight. lets take a look at the conditions on the roadways right here and i can show thaw drivers are exercising extreme caution, on the schuylkill expressway tonight and that is the warning and the exact thing they need to do throughout the night as they travel on the roadways, walter this is latest right
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now, walter, reporting live over schuylkill expressway near 30th street station. kenneth moton for channel six "action news". three hours ago flakes were falling here as well in wilmington making travel conditions that much more challenging, the road are slick in spots across the region forcing commuters to take it slow and play it safe. over in new jersey, scene is much of the same, action cam right there on black horse pike at english creek avenue you in egg harbor township where folks were trying to stay one step ahead of the snow by spreading salt, as you can see. but still drivers were wisely taking it slow there as well. lehigh valley is part of all this as well this was the scene in salisbury township, the slick slowing and snowy roads were behind several accidents earlier in the day. and as temperatures drop be sure to stick with six you'll fine both hourly and seven day forecast so you can be prepared no matter what old man winter throws at us. we have some, developing news from chester county where
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two young people have been killed in the horrific crash in exton. the it happened at 7:00 on northbound route 100 at north ship road. officials say a minivan was struck by a pickup truck. victims were believed to be in their late teens or early 20's. they were inside the minivan. investigators now tell us charges are pending against the pick up driver and they say weather was in the a factor. a man who was using a kerosene heat tore heat his home was killed overnight in kingsessing. investigators say there were no smoke detectors inside that home. apparently the heater went up in flames or something near it caught fire just after 10:30 p.m. crews quickly responded and the blaze was under control in a matter of minutes but still it was too late for the the victim. fire officials want to remind you if you use a space heater make sure to keep it at least 3 feet from anything that is flammable. the weather may have played a role as well in the shut down of a popular restaurant in rittenhouse square on this valentines
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evening. prime remember at 17th and locust, reportedly had had to close a deal with the water main break leaving diners hoping for a roman continuing dinner out in the cold tonight. for others though valentines day went off without a hitch because getting hitched was part of the plan. it doesens of people were married to day couples at philadelphia it is i hall. "action news" reporter chad pradelli had has more. >> by the authority invested in me by the the commonwealth of pennsylvania, do pronounce you husband and wife. >> it was a day of marriage inside city hall this morning. fifty couples, made valentines day, a bit more special. couples from all walks of life said i do. grace and robert rudy were the first to tie the knot. >> we have been together for a while and life just got in the way and it is time it is right. >> i love her. i wanted to marry her today on valentines day. >> we have been wanting to do it for a long time now. it is just a very special day.
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we will always remember this day. >> it was amazing, man. i'm nervous and happy. >> reporter: bill and jane arrived here from the czech republic, just a month ago. >> we are finally married and we can live happily together in real life as we would want to. it feels great. >> reporter: for fellows here in room 653 valentines day is ideal. they won't forget anniversary date and also when it comes to the gifts it is two bird with one stone. >> one of the reasons why i agreed to today, so i will remember it. >> reporter: nuptials lasted a little less than a hour, half dozen judges presided over unions. >> a lot of what we do in this job is serious and it takes a lot of weight. people think it is easy but it is not. thinks the ultimate joy of being a judge. >> reporter: how do you celebrate this? >> well, some things we cannot say. >> yeah, yeah. >> we are going to turn up. >> reporter: in center cities chad pradelli for channel six "action news". much more to come tonight,
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developing news from copenhagen where second deadly attack has taken place this time in the synagogue. we have the latest. new england is bracing for another round of wick winter weather tonight it is fourth major storm there in less than a month. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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we're following a developing story out of denmark a second shooting unfolded in copenhagen after another deadly attack. three people were shot near a synagogue. one of them died. two officers were wounded. investigators are still looking for the gun man who ran away from the scene. tonight investigators are trying to determine if the synagogue a attack is, in fact, link to the shooting inside a free speech event at a cafe in copenhagen. thinks a blurry photo of the suspect fled in the stolen car. one person was killed, three others were wounded and investigators are referring to as a quote likely terror attack. the event was organized by this cartoonist lars who received death threats as portraying mohammad as a dog. he was the likely target but was not injured. back here at home a man faces attempted murder charges after allegedly ran over a police officer this morning in bucks county.
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it happened after the the the officer discovered a stolen vehicle at 7-eleven right there in the mill pond shopping center in morrisville. as the officer approached the car the driver threw tonight to reverse. the the officer was hit but still able to fire off two shots, striking the the suspect, who crashed a short distance away. well, a family from chester county is hoping for some justice to help offer them some hope for a new beginning. they are asking for your help in solving the murder of a young father. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> happy go lucky person. he had a big heart. he had an infectious smile. >> reporter: sharrie davis says she still cannot believe her son, alex davis, was killed. >> i just miss him so much. >> reporter: on july 2nd, 2012, 29 year-old davis was in his car at sixth and belmont streets in coatsville chester county. >> he was shot and killed in his car and it took place at
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11:40 at night. >> i don't know what is wrong with the world today. i feel the person should be held accountable. >> someone in that neighborhood saw something and now is the time for them to come forward. >> reporter: to further encourage that the citizens crime commission is administering a $5,000 reward for an arrest and conviction for person responsible. all you have to does call 215-546-tips. davis's sister has the message for the person who took her brother. >> i actually want to say i forgive you. just to come forward. i don't want to, i don't want my family to keep hurting like this. >> reporter: davis leaves behind a young daughter. >> she just said the other day she missed her daddy. she said i'm sad but my daddy is looking over me. >> reporter: for crime fighters, i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". it's that easy to play. pick 3. easy to play. simple to say.
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it doesn't get much easier than picking two things. you pick two, and... you're basically done. that's why the pennsylvania lottery created pick 2. just pick two numbers. done. pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. city of boss top canceled all public transportation tomorrow ahead of the another winter storm the fourth one in less than a month. good people of boston have been told to stay off the roads. forecasters are expecting about a foot of snow, and dangerous wind from connecticut to maine. blizzard warning remains in effect for the region throughout the weekend. with that said time for a check of the accu weather forecast with melissa magee. not so much snow but a lot of wind. >> yeah, snow is just the beginning, it brings in the high wind and then sub zero wind chills waking up tomorrow morning. a lot to go over. we will show you storm tracker six double scan radar you can
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see this arctic boundary moving through producing snow showers once again across the delaware and lehigh valleys. they are lessening in intensity but we will go tighter on storm tracker six live double scan street level and still snow along i-95 corridor from trenton down to philadelphia wilmington, heavier, burst to the the north of the city in jenkintown and norristown and some moisture still left over down across areas in south jersey. so the the snow squalls and snow showers move on out overnight and then we are tracking high wind probably heard some of those wind indoors watching the newscast and they will continue for the second half of our weekend. we will show you this picture outside sky six live in hd giving you a shot of philadelphia international on this saturday night definitely have some cancellations and delays, as a result of the weather. you can see the snow, covered tarmacs there and also, those wind, are pretty blustery out of the northwest. check out the current wind gust as cross the region gusting as high as 32 miles an
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hour in philadelphia, gust of 40 miles an hour in the poconos. 51 miles an hour in wilmington. these will continue to lift as we go throughout the overnight hours with that high win warning that is in effect. with those wind coming from the northwest it feels like just 12 degrees in philadelphia current wind chill in reading 2 degrees below zero. seven below zero. lancaster feeling like zero in the poconos and wind chill just change nothing millville to eight. twenty-four the current wind chill in wildwood. here's satellite six with action radar we are tracking the clipper system moving through earl ter day followed by arctic front this frontal boundary works eastward and blocks it off shore and that is why we have blizzard conditions setting up a across areas in new england with the foot of snow expected for boston, so no break for them. here's the setup as we get into our sunday. this area have low pressure same one producing snow showers for us, moving to the ease. hurricane strength low, meaning this is very strong in the arctic high pressure to the west so tight pressure
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gradient between these two systems brings in those wind out of the northwest. so tomorrow we can have wind gusting as high as 60 miles an hour and that is a big concern. these wind are powerful and timing is not so great. so branches and trees, more than likely will be knock down in some locations because of these strong gusts and power outages on the way as well, keep in mind, temperatures mess of the day will be below freezing and feeling much colder then that so make sure you have a backup plan in case power gets knock out. check them out waking up tomorrow morning or stay in bed, add a extra layer because 7:30 in the morning wind chills feel like three below zero in philadelphia feeling like 26 degrees below zero in the poconos. wind chill of 19 degrees below in reading. not much recovery as we go throughout the afternoon hours. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon still feeling like single digits sub zero every where you look tomorrow. despite that sunshine it will be very cold. then we are tracking historic cold on the way. the last time we had
11:22 pm
temperatures, monday morning at 2:00 degrees was 21 years ago back in 1996. that is morning temperature we are calling for in the city. here's exclusive seven day forecast dangerous win cold on the way temperatures doesn't mean anything at this point. 19 degrees. wind chills sub zero most of the the day. arctic chill on monday with the high of 22 for the holiday. tuesday not as cold 32. thirty-three with snow showers around. brush of snow mid week and thursday another bitter blast that moves in at 19. stuck in the freezer all next week walter with these temperatures at freezing mark or well below. >> if you combined the the lows over the next five taste it is still cold. >> yes, no break. >> thanks, melissa. >> up next, jeff skversky has sports. it was a thrilling last minute finish for villanova wildcats against butler jeff has the action coming up but now though tonight's pur ball numbers.
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totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v well, the boston red sox are safely talked away in the warmth of the florida sunshine for spring training, this was the scene at their stadium today. fenway park is cake in snow. no doubt, red sox fans with the rest of us are dreaming of opening day, if you are not counting, opening day is now just a bit more than seven weeks away. it was seven weeks that cannot move fast enough. time for a check of sports, jeff skversky here and villanova is hanging tough. >> to they are making a strong
11:27 pm
case to be a strong two seed come tournament time. sixth ranked villanova falls behind time and time again tonight against 18th ranked butler and time and time again darren hillyard gets them out of trouble. with sole possession of the big east at stake. butler bulldogs, sniffing upset. second half villanova down by two. darren hillyard one of his eight, three pointers that is more than butler has had as a team. nova up one. hillyard again a career high 31. they are up two. game tied up seven seconds left ryan archie arcidiacono to who else but darren hillyard with one seconds left on the clock. hillyard and company hug it out. nova wins 68-65. they are 23-two. while nova has won six straight nobody in the city is hotter right now then temple owls cherry and white fight to go get in the tournament, and they are making a great case. temple will going for seven in a row against east carolina.
11:28 pm
hooters birthday. everyone coming out for hooters birthday. all he wants is a win and in the first will cummings with the steel and lay up. temple never trailed in this game. they had a ten-one run. minute to go in the first jesse morgan way out there three of his 14. temple wins 66-53. that is seven straight for tu. best stretch of the season for fran dunphy and company next up a date with larry brown at smu. fresh off that upset of vcu lasalle hosting davidson today. jordan price lead lasalle with 22. explorers up in the second half. but they lose the lead brian sullivan three of his 28. lasalle with the big let down they lose by eight. delaware on the road against william and mary clinging to a one pointing to. maurice jeffers with the basket and foul. delaware by three. penn also lose toes brown. the eagles have yet to show their love for jeremy maclin and the eagles receiver
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will be a free agent in just a little more than three weeks. if they cannot agree on a new deal. maclin and eagles have been going back and forth on and off since last season and they have yet to come to an agreement. eagles could put the franchise tag on their leading wide out beginning monday that will keep maclin here for 2015 but that will cost the eagles around 13 million-dollar. maclin maintains he wants to be an eagle. >> touchdown. >> eagles what are you thinking right now. >> that is where i would like to be. that is the place that drafted me. that is where my life is basically right now. we both made it known that is what we want to have happen. but i also understand this is a business. anything is possible. the part of the game is having the the ability and having awareness to understand that. so, you know i guess we will see. >> yes, we will. still to come in sports flyers can inch closer to making a playoff run tomorrow. plus a slam dunk contest tonight in new york with mo'ne
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davis court side, we will be right back.


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